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Why is Albania called ‘the land of eagles’?

Albanian national flag

On the one hand, Albania’s nature offers space for all kinds of animal diversity. Especially in the north of Albania, the so-called mountain range, there is an abundance of meadows and forests, which provide an ideal place for golden eagles to nest.

Secondly, the Albanian flag can be traced back to the history of the country’s hero ‘Skenderbg’. He was already using the Albanian flag with the red background and the black double-headed eagle in his battles. With the declaration of independence in the early 20th century, this variant was introduced as the Albanian flag in the country. Over the years, and secretly due to the frequent changes in Albania’s leadership, the Albanian flag has constantly changed, but the meaning of the Albanian flag has remained the same. In the end, the classical variant prevailed after the collapse of the ruling communism.

To this day, the double-headed eagle is not only the national flag of Albania or the neighboring Kosovo Albanians, but also symbolizes the globally dispersed Albanian population as descendants of the Illyrian Dardans. For this reason, a tattoo with the Albanian eagle is not unusual for Albanians.

Discover Albania for yourself: ‘the land of eagles’

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