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Who are the Kosovo Albanians?

Kosovo flag

The Kosovo Albanians are an Albanian ethnic group from the young country of Kosovo. The mother tongue of Kosovo Albanians is Albanian. Approximately 93% of the ethnic majority in Kosovo are Kosovo Albanians, followed by Serbs, Bosniaks, Roma, Ashkali and Turks. The languages spoken in Kosovo are just as diverse.

Are Albania and Kosovo the same thing?

Albania and Kosovo are two different countries, but they have a lot in common. The Albanian ethnicity and the national language are the main similarities between Albanians and Kosovo Albanians. In order to emphasize the difference between the inhabitants living in Albania and in Kosovo, the Albanians living in Kosovo are usually called ‘Kosovo Albanians’ if they belong to this ethnic group.

Where do the Kosovo Albanians come from?

Illyrian settlements in Kosovo can now be traced back more than 8000 years. The term Illyrians includes the Dardans. After approx. 4 yrs. AD. the Romans ruled Illyricum, which was integrated into the Roman Empire and incorporated the faith and culture.

What are the religions of the Kosovo Albanians?

The majority of the population in Kosovo are Muslims (approx. 96%). The remaining inhabitants belong to the Christian, Orthodox and many other religions in Kosovo.

What nationality do Kosovo Albanians have?

The Kosovo Albanian is a Kosovar according to his nationality. The term Kosovar defines all inhabitants living in the country of Kosovo, regardless of their ethnic origin or religion.

What does the Kosovo Albanian flag look like?

The formal flag of the Kosovo-Albanian flag is different from the double-headed eagle of the Albanian national flag of Albania. Kosovo’s own flag was introduced with the declaration of independence in 2008 (see picture above).

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