Vlora – the coastal city of Albania

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Vlora – (Hoti on Pexels)

The city of Vlora in the Albanian Riviera follows the Albanian coast. The highest mountains in the country with 2000m reach up to the coast of Vlora. In a bay in front of Vlora there are mysterious islands such as the Sazan or Karaburun.

For a short time, Vlora served as the capital. From there, Albania was declared an independent state in 1912 and the first national government was formed.

The sights in Vlora such as the castle on the Porto Palermo peninsula, which was built in the 19th century by Ali Pashe Tepelena based on Italian models, as well as former military restricted areas can be explored today. In the vicinity of the city of Vlora there is also the ruins of Apollonia, which was named after the god Apollon. Archaeological finds are exhibited in the ruins of Apollonia for visitors .

Vlora is now the third largest city in Albania and is developing into a tourist hotspot. The snow-white beach is like a natural paradise and fulfills every holiday dream. The idyllic seclusion makes the Vlora a very special place, and that in the very south of Europe.

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