The old town Gjakova

Gjakova City

The city of Gjakova in the southwest of Kosovo is now one of the oldest core cities in the country. The history of the city of Gjakova goes back to the 15th century which was originally inhabited by Illyrians and Dardanes. The various conquests such as that of the Ottoman Empire and other regimes can be demonstrated today on the basis of the old buildings. In addition, the religions in Gjakova are more powerfully distributed than in other cities in Kosovo, nevertheless religion is lived peacefully.

The sights of Gjakova include the Kulla e Avdullah Pasha Drenit. This is a 19th century historical archive and regional museum. In particular, the history of Gjakova is documented in this museum. There is also the old Albanian style building Kulla e Astrit Kryeziu from the 17th century.

An unmistakable place in Gjakova is the largest bazaar in Kosovo Çarshia e Madhe. In addition to the numerous shops for traditional and cultural handicrafts, there are also many bars and restaurants in one-story small houses with typical Albanian roofs.

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