The caĆ¼ital Tirana

Tirana is 100 years old. A city that has been named the capital of Albania because of its central location is proudly celebrating its birthday. Its history begins with Roman times and goes through many hurdles such as the occupation of the fascists in World War II as well as the subsequent and long-term communism under the regime of Enver Hoxha until the 1990s.

Today Tirana stands out especially through its contrasts, which on the one hand come from its different histories and traditions and on the other hand go into the future and modernity. Colorful houses can be found in Tirana today that reflect the vibrancy and “the city of colors”.

In addition to the cultural and social changes in the country, Tirana has since experienced an economic and infrastructural boom. An airport is, of course, an integral part of an important city, and not just from the visitor’s point of view. Tirana Airport, which was named Mother Teresa, is located northwest of the city and connects the Tirana Airport directly to the center with a half-hour drive or bus.

The Tirana weather offers the possibility of city tours all year round. In the summer and from May to September it is usually warm and dry. In the winter time, the highly covered mountains offer ideal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts.

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