The beautiful city of Berat

One of the most beautiful cities in Albania is the ‘city of a thousand windows’ Berat, which is 100 km south of the capital Tirana. With more than 2000 years of history, it is now a must-see city.

Berat’s architecture in the old town style, which looks down on the steep slopes and on the Osumtal, make for an unforgettable sight. And to see the white houses with the many small wooden windows from below explains why Berat is called ‘the city of a thousand windows’.

In 2008 the city of Berat was named a UNSCO World Heritage Site. This ensures the preservation of the old buildings and preserves the authenticity of the city from new buildings.

The many mosques, churches and other houses of prayer in Berat illustrate the peaceful coexistence of different religions to this day in Albania.

As usual in Albanian cities, the evening atmosphere in Berat should not be underestimated. The cafés and pedestrian zones are teeming with sociable people of all ages.

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