Rugova – Kosovo’s natural paradise

Rugova Mountains (

The Rugovamountains or Rugova Gorge is located west of the city ​​of Peja in Kosovo. The Rugovas Gorge is part of the Dinaric Alps (Albanian Alps) and extends for approx. 12 km. Through several springs in the mountain landscape, water collects in the river ‚Lumbardh‘.

Rugova, at 1,860 meters above sea level, is a natural paradise of Kosovo for many visitors all year round. Depending on your taste – whether you are a hiker, climber or simply admirer of nature, it offers unlimited freedom and relaxation where you can leave the limits of civilization behind. Of course, there are waterfalls, caves, flora and fauna missing for explorers.

Hotel te Liqeni – Rugova

In each of the 13 villages of Rugova you will find restaurants and hotels resembling a hut made of wood or stone and mostly with a view of mountains, rivers, springs and greenery. The food is prepared from fresh, local and traditional dishes. One of the most popular dishes is the Albanian ‚Flia‘ or ‚Pite‘ which is still – naturally – cooked with fire.

Hotel te Liqeni – Rugova

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