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Car hire in Pristina: what you should know

The centrally located capital –  Pristina  – of the youngest country in Europe, Kosovo, is also the centerpiece. The city is not only considered a fast-paced metropolis, the neighboring villages also offer space for nature and the greenery for the residents of Pristina. Therefore, the most beautiful cities and beautiful landscapes are best reached with a rental car. The rental stations are present at the airport of Pristina or in the city of Pristina to embark on an adventurous journey. In the following we will tell you what you should consider when renting a vehicle in Pristina:

What do I have to consider when driving a rental car in Pristina?

In the streets of Pristina, especially at rush hour, it is best to be prepared for it and be patient. In addition, you should of course know the most important traffic rules when you are driving a rental car in Kosovo. The traffic rules in Kosovo are similar to European standards.

Which car rental companies are there at Pristina Airport?

At Pristina airport have numerous national and international car rental companies on rental locations, including:

  • Auto Lux Rent a Car
  • Europcar
  • express
  • hertz
  • InterRent
  • Sixt
  • King Auto

Are one-way rentals possible in Kosovo?

One-way rental, i.e. dropping off your rental car at a location as the pick-up station, is of course possible in Kosovo by arrangement.

What are the fuel regulations for rental cars in Kosovo?

Most rental car providers in Kosovo offer a  full-full scheme  in which you receive the rental car with a full tank and return it with a full tank. This fuel policy is the best way to drive.

With a  full-empty scheme,  on the other hand, in which you receive the rental car with a full tank and return it with an empty tank, you are more likely to make losses. Because an expensive service fee is often added to the rental price for the first tank of fuel and the gasoline that is still in the tank when you return it is given to the car rental company.

What are the insurance options for rental cars in Kosovo?

Basic insurance is included when booking. We also offer various service packages that offer you tailor-made insurance cover. The basic package  includes fully comprehensive insurance  with a deductible .

We recommend a service package with  “fully comprehensive insurance and reimbursement of excess” . You can expand this if necessary, for example with glass and tires or an additional driver. This means that you are optimally protected and you can think in advance with a clear conscience whether you want to buy additional supplementary insurance on site. (Also read: Fuel regulations and additional insurance – How to avoid annoyance with the rental car)

Is there a minimum age for rental cars in Kosovo?

Driving in Kosovo is allowed from the age of 18, which is why this is also the minimum age when booking a rental car. However, some car rental companies set the minimum age for drivers of a rental car even higher. Depending on the vehicle type, such as an SUV or a high-priced model, a minimum age of  21 or even 25 years  may be required.

Do I need a credit card to book a rental car in Pristina or other parts of Kosovo?

Yes, you must always present a valid credit card when you pick up the vehicle. Make sure your card is actually a credit card. Some debit cards look   very similar to credit cards but are not accepted by car rental companies. If in doubt, contact your bank and ask.

How much is the deposit for a rental car e.g. B. from Pristina?

The amount of the deposit depends on the type of rental car you want and the car rental company. While it is around 500 euros for a small car, the deposit for an upper mid-range vehicle can be twice as much. It is best to find out about the amount due from the car rental company before booking.

What do I have to consider when returning my rental car?

Depending on which fuel policy you have agreed, you should return the car with a full tank or with the tank as empty as possible. It is best to have the perfect condition of the car and the fuel level confirmed in writing when you return it. So you are on the safe side and end your vacation completely relaxed.

We hope we were able to answer all of your questions about choosing the best rental car in Pristina or Kosovo. Have fun searching our cheap offers!

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