Prizren – the old city

The city of Prizren in the south of Kosovo is also one of the cultural heirs of the Balkans. In the early centuries, the old city of Prizren was enriched with different religions, ethnicities and cultures. Today Prizren is an open city.

Prizren – also called the „City of Lilies“ and enveloped in all of its green spaces, is crossed by the famous river ‚Lumbardh‘. Well-known sights include the ‚Kalaja Fortress‘, which is worth seeing as a castle itself but also for its view over the city of Prizren. The view extends over the mosques, churches, the river and the surrounding mountains. Another unmistakable feature is the ‚Ura e gurit‘ stone bridge.

Prizren – Ura e gurit

It gives the old town of Prizren and the many cafés a charming flair. The city offers many other opportunities to get to know their origins and naturalness. A perfect city ​​for explorers !

Impress yourself from the ‚most beautiful‘ city of Kosovo – Prizren!

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