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Pristina Sights

The centrally located capital – Pristina – of Europe’s youngest country, Kosovo, is also the centerpiece. Pristina is home to around 150,000 thousand people from what was once a province and is now a Balkan metropolis. The city is not only considered a fast-paced metropolis, the neighboring villages also offer space for nature and greenery for the residents of Pristina.

Pristina’s sights are located in the city center. Many of the sights and the original cityscape were damaged by the Kosovo War, but one or two buildings from the Ottoman period and the former Yugoslavia have been preserved and are recognizable.

Nevertheless, the city is looking to the future. As a young and dynamic country (a decade old) with young inhabitants (average age = 30), this is also due to the mood and the urban climate. Since the declaration of independence, the country has been reinventing itself not only politically, but also culturally.

NEWBORN Monument in Pristina

The most modern sight in the city of Pristina is the ‘NEWBORN’ monument. It stands for the independence (Pavarsia) of Kosovo in 2008 and directly reflects the words in detail. The letters are repainted according to political changes or the feelings of the Kosovo Albanians.

NEWBORN Monument in Pristina

National Library Pristina

Kosovo’s largest library is the National Library, which is located right next to the university building in the capital. The architecture makes the building stand out in the Balkans. The National Library houses cultural and historical works relating to the Albanian-Kosovar population.

National Library of Kosovo

Ethnological Museum – Pristina

The ethnological museum depicts the lifestyle of a wealthy Albanian family from the 18th century. The interior of the country house (konak) in Pristina is a cultural heritage of the Kosovo Albanians. It has four organizational departments such as Archaeology and Numismatics, Ethnology, Modern History and Nature.

Ethnological Museum – Prishtina

Pristina Airport

Pristina Airport (PRN) in Kosovo is located approx. 15 km southwest of the capital and is therefore centrally located for all other destinations. As the busiest airport in the Balkans, the route network and Pristina flights are extended across many European hubs and point-to-point airports.

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