Albania flag is one of the 5 oldest in the world

In fact, Albania’s flag is also one the of the five oldest flags in the world:

  1. Scotland
  2. Latvia
  3. Austria
  4. Denmark
  5. Albania

The albanian flag was firstly presented on November 28, 1443 by the hero Skenderbeu (Gjergj Kastrioti) in the city of Kruja. The history of the Albanian national flag goes back to the national hero ‚Skenderbg‘.

Even in his fights, he already used the red flag with a double-headed eagle. With the declaration of independence in the early 20th century, the flag was introduced in the country.

Over the years and secretly through the frequently changing administration, the flag has been constantly changed. Ultimately, the classic variant prevailed after the collapse of the ruling communism. To this day, the double-headed eagle not only stands as the national flag of Albania, but also symbolizes the Albanian population scattered around the world as the descendants of the Illyrian Dardanes.